Bolstering WordPress Security with WordFence

WordPress security should be one of your first considerations when setting up a website. If your business is one which relies heavily on its WordPress website, you’ll know just how important it is to thoroughly protect and secure your site. A threat to your WordPress site is a threat to your entire business – malicious hackers could wreak havoc if they manage to gain access […]

Web Design Trends 2016

  Last year we promoted a post about the trends in web design for 2015, here is a great infographic by Costal Creative that discusses web design trends 2016. Let’s take a look!

How Successful People Spend Their Mornings

You may have heard that many of the world’s most successful people like to start their day at an hour when most people are still in the land of nod. Margaret Thatcher famously survived on just a few hours’ sleep per night, waking up at 5am each and every day. The CEO of Disney, Robert Iger, wakes up at 4.30am. From famous business people to […]

The benefits of website backups

Website backups should be taken regularly to avoid data loss. But when we hear ‘data’, we assume it means the files that are on our hard drives and computers, right? When we heard the word ‘backup’, we assume that means making a copy of the important files and documents we have tucked away in the corners of our laptops, in case of a horrendous hard […]

Supercharge Your Website Copy

Supercharge your website copy by writing persuasively in all elements of your business – it’s what marketing and sales are built on, after all. Nowhere is striking a persuasive tone more important than on your website, where passing visitors can be converted into loyal customers with just a few clicks. If you’re struggling to come up with effective, persuasive website copy, read on for our […]

The Importance of Visual Content

Visual content is really important in online marketing. Like it or not, website visitors make snap judgements, and it can take many of them less than a second to decide whether they like your site, or whether they’re going to try and find an alternative. Visuals are very important to any website visitor – your site’s visuals will dictate their first impression of your site […]

Protect Your Site With an SSL certificate

Having an SSL certificate is really important. Security concerns are paramount for many website owners, especially those running ecommerce businesses. With so many malicious threats and such high potential for breaches, it’s important that individuals running websites are able to provide adequate protection, not only for their own information, but for potential customers that may be visiting the site. SSL is one of the primary ways […]

Mega JQuery Cheat Sheet

With every language a website developer has to learn it’s sometime handy to have help, luckily Make a Website Hub have created this jQuery cheat sheet! This will help you with all aspects of using JQuery, from effects to selectors and events.  

Improve Your Ecommerce Checkout Process

Did you know that the checkout process is one of the biggest obstacles to purchasing for many customers? If the process takes too long, if it requires too much information, or if there aren’t enough security reassurances, customers can abandon their shopping cart entirely and your sale goes down the drain. With checkouts labelled as a critical juncture for ecommerce websites, here’s how you can […]

Why Customers Abandon Shopping Cart

So – one of your customers has filled up their shopping cart and is just about to check out, when suddenly, they abandon the process entirely and leave the site. Your chance at a sale has evaporated and you’re left wondering why. It turns out there are many reasons why shoppers abandon their carts – but luckily, there are ways to address the problem. Here […]

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