Choosing The Right Keywords For Your SEO Strategy

Every online business needs a coherent SEO strategy – but you can’t optimise your website for search engines unless you’ve chosen the keywords you wish to target. Keyword research is an incredibly important part of SEO – it really can’t be overstated how vital it is to conduct the appropriate research and choose the right keywords. Here are our top tips to help you carry […]

What Is The Ideal Keyword Density Percentage?

When it comes to SEO, everyone is looking for that magic formula, the perfect keyword density and the combination of factors that will send their website rocketing to the top of the search engine rankings. One of the important factors in the hunt for great SEO is keyword density percentage. Keyword density percentage is described by Wikipedia as ‘the percentage of times a keyword or […]

Website Authority Building for SEO

Website authority building should be key in your SEO efforts. The success of a website can be measured by the amount of revenue it creates, but this is translated from the targeted traffic it receives. In order to rank high in the SERPs your website must rank highly against keywords in your niche that your customers are searching for. Here are a few methods to […]

How To Use Headings To Boost SEO

Headings boost SEO and play an essential role on the creation of your web content. Not only do they break up your text so that it’s easier for humans to read, they also provide structure to your content, which makes it easier for the robots and crawlers to contextualise. By creating headings, you’re differentiating the content on your web page, separating it into easily digestible […]

Enhance Your SEO : Website Speed

Most people think that SEO (search engine optimisation, for the uninitiated) is all about keywords and backlinks – but there’s actually a little more to it than that. There are a multitude of ranking signals and factors which go way beyond keyword placement and link authority, and all of them play a part in dictating how search engines crawl and rank your pages. An increasingly […]

Five Steps To Perfecting Local SEO

Local SEO is really important for customer acquisition. We all know the importance of SEO to business websites – SEO is one of the magic ingredients that helps search engines rank your website so that it’s more discoverable by visitors. In the last few years, SEO has split off into a number of smaller strands, one of them being local SEO. Local SEO focuses solely […]

WordPress SEO with Yoast!

Yoast SEO plugin, what it does and why you should be using it for you WordPress SEO Yoast SEO plugin is the most complete of all Search Engine Optimization plugins available. It includes a page analysis function and snippet preview that is generally not featured in most SEO plugins. These handy tools ensure that as the author writes a new post it’s optimized for SEO. […]

How Social Media impacts SEO

If you were to ask several different digital marketers this question, they would likely provide a different set of answers as to how Social Media impacts SEO. There are many, who claim that with more interactions received by the content, the better the site’s page ranking will be. Most of them would cite the Search Engine Optimisation Ranking Factor report of SearchMetric. This states clearly that many […]

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