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Top Ways To Engage Your Social Followers

Social platforms nowadays are not about endless promotional spam and sales posts – they’re about engagement with your social followers. Engagement is a vague but important metric for marketers, which tracks how well their posts are performing online and how much users are connecting with the brand in particular. So how can you boost this […]

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By Coderra Ltd on 6 Sep 2016

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Top Social Media Sites of this Generation

Top social media sites include Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. All business owners dream of a sturdy virtual presence. This is a major reason behind the rise of social media sites! Proper use of social networking sites will improve your website’s overall traffic. However, the process of using social media is easy said than done. […]

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By Coderra Ltd on 8 Jun 2016

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Benefits of using social media for marketing

Social Media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are three of the best marketing tools available to boost traffic, create a buzz around your products and services and make sales. If you are trying to boost the popularity of your website you should be making use of social media in your business. How can it […]

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By Coderra Ltd on 22 May 2016

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How Social Media impacts SEO

If you were to ask several different digital marketers this question, they would likely provide a different set of answers as to how Social Media impacts SEO. There are many, who claim that with more interactions received by the content, the better the site’s page ranking will be. Most of them would cite the Search Engine […]

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By Coderra Ltd on 1 Jan 2016

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