Benefits of using social media for marketing

Social Media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are three of the best marketing tools available to boost traffic, create a buzz around your products and services and make sales. If you are trying to boost the popularity of your website you should be making use of social media in your business. How can it benefit the business? Credibility: Having a large following of people […]

Rise of The Bootstrap Framework

Developed by Twitter, Bootstrap Framework – HTML/JavaScript/CSS is a new way of building customised and bespoke websites. Bootstrap will help you design responsive websites in an effortless manner and falls in line with modern technologies and coding standards. It delights web developers with stunning UI objects and a wide collection of typographies. The best part of bootstrap is that its responsive grid system works well on […]

Choosing the right colour palette for your website and logo

Colours play an important role in the lives of human beings so choosing the right colour pallet for your website and logo is really important. We are visually driven creatures and colour touches us all at our most basic level. Red is associated as a natural warning, similarly with yellow. We read the world with colour and our associations to it. Equally colour evokes emotions and […]

Designing Disability-Friendly Sites

Web design is a challenging field of work that revolves around many strategies and principles and should include designing disability-friendly sites. If you want to delight users with an engaging and memorable online experience, you should consider many parameters. One of the important factors you should take into consideration is accessibility. There are many internet users with physical disabilities like hearing loss, visual impairments and […]

Bespoke website design benefits

Establishing your brand online can be a hard thing to achieve – but is easier with a bespoke web design. While it is tempting to cut costs by using a template for your website, there are lots of things to consider before making the decision. Themes are not right for everyone, and even those packed with features are often a minefield to manage that cause […]

2015 Website Trends

The biggest trends in web design in 2014 included: background videos, flat design, grid layouts as well as increasing abilities of HTML 5 APIs. The question that is asked by many is what would be the trends, techniques and technologies that would define this year 2015? Big background images:  2015 has seen an increase in the use of hero background images, with subtle parallax effects […]

Signs you need to revamp your website

Most websites start out appearing great and better than the competition but as business takes off the website normally gets forgotten. The content soon becomes out of date and features that were in fashion start to make the website look dated. Because of how quickly trends in web design change, we  recommend that a website is given some attention at least once a year. This doesn’t […]

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