Benefits of using social media for marketing

Social Media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are three of the best marketing tools available to boost traffic, create a buzz around your products and services and make sales. If you are trying to boost the popularity of your website you should be making use of social media in your business.

How can it benefit the business?

  • Credibility: Having a large following of people on social media helps with creating trust between a prospect and the business. A popular company that has strong interactions online makes it more likely that your company will be chosen over another.
  • Creating identity: A business can shape their identity and a perception of their services through what they post on social media. Followers and potential customers can be given an idea of the service, products and customer service they will receive before making the decision to buy.
  • Creating buzz: It’s easier for customers to share your marketing content and special offers, pushing people towards your website. It can give you a buzz or viral effect that can be more effective than traditional paper advertising. It can also be more targeted.
  • Hosting social media events: By hosting web events, which place focus upon the fans, it becomes possible to develop an interactive, loyal community. Another instance would be to host several live webinars, offering free useful content or courses that feed into your paid products.
  • Sharing images: Through images you can portray messages and grab the attention of the target audience. Images used in blog posts can help readers to comprehend contents and make it more memorable. The biggest benefit is that they are quickly read, understood and easy to share across different networks like Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Images and memes have a greater tendency to go viral than textual content – boosting awareness and traffic to your website.
  • SEO Backlinks: Posting links to your content online through social media creates powerful marketing backlinks which boost your presence in search engines. A strong social presence can make you dominate the serps.
  • Fresh Content: Search engines love websites that are updated regularly. By adding new posts and sharing them on social media not only do yo satisfy Google but you help to boost your brand awareness.
  • Product sharing: By making your website sharable, your customers can share your product with their friends, generating referral sales and new customers on your ecommerce website with very little marketing.

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