How Social Media impacts SEO

How Social Media impacts SEO

If you were to ask several different digital marketers this question, they would likely provide a different set of answers as to how Social Media impacts SEO. There are many, who claim that with more interactions received by the content, the better the site’s page ranking will be. Most of them would cite the Search Engine Optimisation Ranking Factor report of SearchMetric. This states clearly that many of the websites that rank highly in Google have a strong social media presence.

On the other hand, others claim that this is simply a correlation and not a factor of causation. There are many things that correlate with one another, for instance, the correlation between the price of apples and what hat you are wearing. Are the increasing apple prices caused by wearing a fedora? Perhaps, not! We can see that social media impacts website traffic, funnelling visitors to a website. Higher traffic to a website does positively affect SEO. Content marketing helps to keep users engaged and active on the website, so when social media is used it acts as a tool for customer acquisition. They work in synch to get readers converted into purchasers.

Social sharing could lead towards higher rankings and link building

Using social media for content marketing and SEO can help with backlinks. More content can mean more links in Google that get clicked. Trending articles in social media of engaging and relevant content is sure to be shared. It’s not just about squeezing out anymore SEO juice, but more about how the content marketing, SEO and social media strategy can work along with each another towards boosting the site authority.

Understanding the importance of Google Plus

Although it doesn’t come as a surprise, Google uses the content and interactions on Google Plus to help rank your website. So in terms of content marketing and SEO, spending time posting relevent content on Google Plus cam have a positive affect on your website ranking.

While social media may not be a huge ranking factor there are lots of benefits. Social media plays an important part of content marketing and getting traffic. It therefore stands to reason that we use social media for those indirect benefits. Write and share good content about what you do and who you are. Share your best work and interesting facts. While Google may not care how many likes you have, the added traffic and new visitors are your chance to make a sale, create brand awareness and trust.

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