WordPress SEO with Yoast!

WordPress SEO with Yoast!

Yoast SEO plugin, what it does and why you should be using it for you WordPress SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is the most complete of all Search Engine Optimization plugins available. It includes a page analysis function and snippet preview that is generally not featured in most SEO plugins. These handy tools ensure that as the author writes a new post it’s optimized for SEO.

The WordPress SEO Plugin allows the website author to easily optimize the post contents, images, meta tag descriptions and titles for Google listings. The blog posts are indexed with plenty of relevance for specific keywords, which in turn means better traffic and higher rankings.

Understanding the list in details

  • Meta Descriptions and Post Titles: WordPress SEO Plugin allows the user to set templates for every page. This includes fields such as meta description, SEO title, and keywords that are desired for optimizing the page. The built in preview shows how it will appear when listed in Google search results. The other cool feature is the ‘focus keyword’. You can have a look at the keyword density in title, post heading, URL, meta description and content. It’s possible to tell if the keywords are being used the right number of times or not. These all add together to make a post that search engines know how to index and rank.
  • Meta Configuration Robots: This particular feature helps the user to have any post or page blocked from being indexed by Google. This means that if you have content that you do not want being picked up in Google, it’s possible to specify it.
  • Page Analysis: This helps to verify if the posts have alt tags for images, are long enough and if there is present subheadings / meta descriptions for the posts and much more. They are termed to be essential elements to have excellent Search Engine Optimization results.
  • XML Sitemaps: Several sitemap plugins exist that can be selected to meet the requirements that this one plugin has at it’s core. It keeps up to date sitemaps that are altered and updated automatically every time a post or page is deleted or added. There is no work involved in maintaining them.
  • Cleaning up the head section: This plugin assists in keeping the header section of the blog neat, clean and free from all unnecessary codes.
  • htaccess and robots.txt: Trying to edit the files is now much easier. It is possible to have them updated from file menu. No longer is FTP access needed to maintain these files.
  • Canonical URL: According to Google, Canonical page has been regarded to be the most preferred version of set of pages having similar contents. The appropriate canonical URL is set by WordPress SEO Plugin on each of the pages. This effectively means Google would not miss out on the pages that is desired to be included within the index.
  • API Docs: WordPress SEO Plugin is known to come with its very own set of filters and actions and has complete list included. It is simply fancy stuff to be used by developers to fit the critera of even the most picky clients.
  • Breadcrumbs: The user can determine as to which taxonomy is to be shown for every post type. The person can specify what title is to be utilized within the breadcrumb path for ever taxonomy, page and post. This is really useful for navigational purposes.

In short, WordPress SEO Plugin tends to make the entire procedure of optimizing the pages for SEO much easier. The interface is user friendly and easy to view. It’s easy to use, setup and configure. If you are looking for a plugin to help you with your SEO – you should be using Yoast!

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