Online Privacy – Are You Being Watched?

Is there such a thing as online privacy? Everything you do online is tracked, your searches, transactions, social media and even the videos you watch. So just how are you being tracked? Let’s take a look.

Top Ways To Engage Your Social Followers

Social platforms nowadays are not about endless promotional spam and sales posts – they’re about engagement with your social followers. Engagement is a vague but important metric for marketers, which tracks how well their posts are performing online and how much users are connecting with the brand in particular. So how can you boost this engagement among your social followers Here are a few top […]

The Value of Great Website Content

In a world where content is still the undisputed king, you simply can’t afford not to have great website content. Content affects every element of marketing, from your ability to generate leads to retaining existing customers. If you’re not yet convinced, here are four reasons why you simply must invest in your website content, for the good of your business. It can help your business […]

Branding – What Does Yours Represent?

Branding should be at the forefront of your business to have a shot at greater success. A company without a business website is most likely a failing one. For people to find you, buy what you sell or purchase your services they have to find you. Your branding and company image should be embedded in everything you do online and offline. Here are some approaches […]

How Successful People Spend Their Mornings

You may have heard that many of the world’s most successful people like to start their day at an hour when most people are still in the land of nod. Margaret Thatcher famously survived on just a few hours’ sleep per night, waking up at 5am each and every day. The CEO of Disney, Robert Iger, wakes up at 4.30am. From famous business people to […]

The benefits of website backups

Website backups should be taken regularly to avoid data loss. But when we hear ‘data’, we assume it means the files that are on our hard drives and computers, right? When we heard the word ‘backup’, we assume that means making a copy of the important files and documents we have tucked away in the corners of our laptops, in case of a horrendous hard […]

Supercharge Your Website Copy

Supercharge your website copy by writing persuasively in all elements of your business – it’s what marketing and sales are built on, after all. Nowhere is striking a persuasive tone more important than on your website, where passing visitors can be converted into loyal customers with just a few clicks. If you’re struggling to come up with effective, persuasive website copy, read on for our […]

The Importance of Visual Content

Visual content is really important in online marketing. Like it or not, website visitors make snap judgements, and it can take many of them less than a second to decide whether they like your site, or whether they’re going to try and find an alternative. Visuals are very important to any website visitor – your site’s visuals will dictate their first impression of your site […]

Visual Content Marketing Strategy

A picture says a thousand words so you should be using visual content in your marketing strategy. We process visual content easier and quicker than written content. Infographics, images, and the look and feel of your marketing material matter. Here are some quick stats!  

What Is The Ideal Keyword Density Percentage?

When it comes to SEO, everyone is looking for that magic formula, the perfect keyword density and the combination of factors that will send their website rocketing to the top of the search engine rankings. One of the important factors in the hunt for great SEO is keyword density percentage. Keyword density percentage is described by Wikipedia as ‘the percentage of times a keyword or […]

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