The Value of Great Website Content

The Value of Great Website Content

In a world where content is still the undisputed king, you simply can’t afford not to have great website content. Content affects every element of marketing, from your ability to generate leads to retaining existing customers. If you’re not yet convinced, here are four reasons why you simply must invest in your website content, for the good of your business.

It can help your business to grow

Content discovery is a big part of using the internet for many people. Platforms like Pinterest and StumbleUpon help users to discover new content – and if you have great website content, they’re likely to share it on the more popular platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. The further your content reaches, the more traffic will be directed your way, and the more traffic you generate, the more likely you are to notice increased mailing list sign-ups, on-site engagement or conversions.

It helps you build your identity

In a world where there are hundreds of businesses competing online, it pays to have a way to make your business stand out from the crowd. Great website content can do that for you, if you have a concrete tone and style. Brands like Innocent, Pizza Express and Cadburys do this really well online, creating their own voice that sets them apart from competitors.

Great website content helps you to tell your story and develop your business’ identity and brand. Your content will also help you to develop important emotional connections with your customers. These connections are where conversions and sales come from, so it pays to invest as much time and attention as you can into the channels which develop those connections.

Great website content for SEO

A website that is updated with poor content, or never updated at all, will never be a high-ranking one. Adding fresh content to your website will have an enormous impact on your SEO endeavours, helping you to climb the ranks for specific keywords and earn some authority online. Create quality blog content that you think visitors and customers will want to read, and encourage them to share it online. Make sure you use relevant keywords, but be careful not to over-optimise, as this can have the opposite effect!

Content provides value for your customers

Your content should be based around providing value – it’s up to you to decide where that value lies. Do your potential customers see more value in how-to guides and step-by-step instructional blogs than industry news and updates? Do your customers see more value in funny videos or clips than long-winded essays or in-depth pieces? Once you hit upon the magic formula for content, you’ll know it – your blogs, videos, podcasts or social media posts will be widely shared and you’ll see a significant impact on your conversions and profits.

How valuable is website content to your business? How do you use content to shape your brand and provide value for customers? Let us know in the comments!

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