Website Authority Building for SEO

Website authority building should be key in your SEO efforts. The success of a website can be measured by the amount of revenue it creates, but this is translated from the targeted traffic it receives. In order to rank high in the SERPs your website must rank highly against keywords in your niche that your customers are searching for. Here are a few methods to […]

How To Use Headings To Boost SEO

Headings boost SEO and play an essential role on the creation of your web content. Not only do they break up your text so that it’s easier for humans to read, they also provide structure to your content, which makes it easier for the robots and crawlers to contextualise. By creating headings, you’re differentiating the content on your web page, separating it into easily digestible […]

Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant

With so many different marketing methods open to businesses, it can be tempting to let your email marketing endeavours fall by the wayside. It turns out that this could be a huge mistake. Email marketing is still an enormous part of many businesses’ successes, and it has a multitude of benefits that other marketing disciplines just can’t emulate. Here’s why email marketing is still relevant, […]

Content Marketing with SEO

Content marketing can be a time consuming task – so why not combine it with your SEO? Choosing where to post, when to post, and what to post can be pretty difficult. Read about these expert opinions, tools and tips to help you in your SEO and social marketing.

Getting your web content seen

Good web content is not just about having an overview to your services and a great bio page. These days it’s important to keep a blog and post regular news and articles. You can benefit from greater traffic, higher rankings and better brand awareness. Here are some quick tips you can use to get your web content seen.

Google Removes Right-Hand Ads

Google caused shockwaves in the PPC community back in February when it announced that it was removing advertisements from the right-hand side of its search results page. These ads, which had become commonplace and an enormous part of many business’ PPC campaigns, would be totally removed in favour of ads at the top and bottom of the search result pages. So why did Google make […]

Protect Your Site With an SSL certificate

Having an SSL certificate is really important. Security concerns are paramount for many website owners, especially those running ecommerce businesses. With so many malicious threats and such high potential for breaches, it’s important that individuals running websites are able to provide adequate protection, not only for their own information, but for potential customers that may be visiting the site. SSL is one of the primary ways […]

Mega JQuery Cheat Sheet

With every language a website developer has to learn it’s sometime handy to have help, luckily Make a Website Hub have created this jQuery cheat sheet! This will help you with all aspects of using JQuery, from effects to selectors and events.  

Improve Your Ecommerce Checkout Process

Did you know that the checkout process is one of the biggest obstacles to purchasing for many customers? If the process takes too long, if it requires too much information, or if there aren’t enough security reassurances, customers can abandon their shopping cart entirely and your sale goes down the drain. With checkouts labelled as a critical juncture for ecommerce websites, here’s how you can […]

Why Customers Abandon Shopping Cart

So – one of your customers has filled up their shopping cart and is just about to check out, when suddenly, they abandon the process entirely and leave the site. Your chance at a sale has evaporated and you’re left wondering why. It turns out there are many reasons why shoppers abandon their carts – but luckily, there are ways to address the problem. Here […]

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