Why choose WordPress?

Why choose WordPress?

WordPress is considered to be the best CMS Platform and is used by millions across the globe. It is regarded as a flexible, open source, responsive, user friendly and SEO friendly Content Management System (CMS). What’s more, it is possibly the most supported platform available with developers worldwide.

Understanding the statistics

  • More than 60 million people selected WordPress as their web platform.
  • According to the latest data, among total CMS users across the globe, about 50% are known to use it for developing their websites.

Reasons why WordPress is a favorite tool for many

  • It is the most user friendly CMS. While Drupal and Joomla can prove confusing to master, anyone can learn to use WordPress in a matter of hours.
  • WordPress can be used even by beginners, to create a fabulous and elegant website for all purposes. There is no need to be an expert to setup your own website. It doesn’t require knowledge of PHP or HTML that is otherwise required when using other CMS platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, etc. It also doesn’t require any third party software such as Dreamweaver as it is a fully enclosed system. Images and files are managed from within the media library without the need for FTP.
  • WordPress provides a variety of templates and themes along with beautiful designs that can be customized easily and to give proper shape. Themes can be easy to setup and customised meaning you can have a professional website quickly and easily. It has responsive features in it – making user experience better. Lastly, it is a scalable platform, where thousands of pages can be easily created, without having to compromise on performance or aesthetics.
  • There are thousands of different widgets and plugins that can add different functions to the site. They are easy to install, configure and setup. Many of the most supported and well-developed plugins are ready to go as soon as they are activated.
  • For maintaining and upgrading a site created using WordPress, there is no need to hire expensive programmers, designers or developers, since this platform is user friendly allowing the person to do all the things by himself. It’s easy to add new content, from blog posts to images and pages.
  • It is Search Engine Optimization friendly. WordPress users benefit from and enjoy higher traffic. Being search engine optimized effectively means that the site can get better rankings in the search engine results. Even Google, the leading search engine has been recommending it for all business.
  • WordPress has user permissions meaning that it can be used as a subscription based site with subscribers, editors, authors and admins. These roles are packages in to WordPress allowing the admin greater control over the website content.

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