Dynamic Tools To Turn Website Visitors into Loyal Customers

Dynamic Tools To Turn Website Visitors into Loyal Customers

No matter what business or industry you’re in, building web traffic, generating conversions and developing a core of loyal customers is essential. While web traffic is a great indicator of how much exposure your site is getting (and a signal that your SEO efforts are paying off), it’s meaningless if you’re not capitalising on the traffic and turning those visitors into customers.

Luckily, there are a plethora of dynamic tools available online which can help you transform those casual visitors into paying, long-term customers. Here’s our pick of the bunch:


SumoMe offers a whole suite of tools that can boost your conversion rate in a number of different ways. The SumoMe Welcome Mat is particular popular at the moment – it’s the full-page overlay that can be seen on many websites, with a dynamic call-to-action that simply can’t be ignored. The Smart Bar is also a great tool – it creates a simple bar that sits at the top of your website encouraging you to sign-up for a mailing list, read the latest company blog or contact your sales team. These are just two of the tools available from SumoMe, which is one of the best resources for increasing conversions and creating loyal customers on the web.

Usability Hub

How are you going to turn visitors into customers if your visitors can’t even navigate your website? Usability Hub has a unique testing function which analyses your entire website to gauge how ‘usable’ it is, so that you can address any problems that your users could be encountering. The more usable your site is, the more likely your visitors are to stay and explore.

Visual Website Optimiser (VWO)

This tool offers an innovative A/B testing option, which allows you to try out two different versions of your website to see which one leads to more conversions. The best thing about this resource is that you don’t need any coding experience or website building expertise to create a dynamic, stylish website – the sites are built entirely with a drag-and-drop style tool which is simple, intuitive and user-friendly.


The contact form is the very last hoop your web visitors have to jump through before they become loyal customers. ClickTale’s FormAnalytics tool helps to analyse your website’s contact forms in detail, so that you can see where and when potential customers are losing interest or navigating away from the page. If, for example, there’s a particular field which takes longer to fill out, or a field which regularly left blank on your form, FormAnalytics will flag it up and you can address the problem.

Conversion Funnels

Another tool from ClickTale, this simple visualisation tool allows you to see where your visitors are dropping off in your sales funnel, as well as offering tips on how to bring visitors back onto the conversion path. You can essentially see what’s working on your site and which parts of your funnel need more attention.

Have you used any of these tools? Do you know any others which turn visitors into customers? Let us know in the comments!

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