Rise of The Bootstrap Framework

Rise of The Bootstrap Framework

Developed by Twitter, Bootstrap Framework – HTML/JavaScript/CSS is a new way of building customised and bespoke websites. Bootstrap will help you design responsive websites in an effortless manner and falls in line with modern technologies and coding standards. It delights web developers with stunning UI objects and a wide collection of typographies. The best part of bootstrap is that its responsive grid system works well on all tablets, phones and desktops.

What is responsive web designing?

Before we dive into the Bootstrap framework, try to understand more about responsive web designs. Responsive sites are optimised web designs that deliver a better interactional experience, viewing environment and working layout. Most responsive web designs are filled with CSS3 media queries, fluid grids, proportion based layouts and flexible images. And, a responsive website that is perfectly built will help you attract more customers and delight them with a good user experience.

Save Time & Energy

With the help of Bootstrap Framework, you can save plenty of time and energy. This is because you are not expected to write every bit of code. Bootstrap is a framework that comprises of predefined templates that can be re-used and adapted. It contains classes and a method of developing that automatically creates responsive functions. An example of this is the responsive navigational system. It not only adapts perfectly across screen sizes, but as a developer there are lots of ways to adapt it per project. Navigation can slide in, be fixed to the top or the bottom of the screen, be full width, hidden and is extremely easy to adapt. This is just one aspect of the framework which makes kick starting development a doddle.

Ability to Customize

A major benefit in using the bootstrap framework is the ability to customise. Bootstrap is a flexible framework that will let you adjust the site’s content to display however you like on mobile, tablets and desktop. It allows developers the freedom to spend more time on nifty functions as the nuts and bolts are already taken care of. This means that more time can be spent developing functions and making the website match the visuals rather than on just the code.

A Fluid System

The key selling point of Bootstrap would be its astounding grid system. The process of making and editing bootstrap sites is very easy. The mobile grid system will give you the freedom to make responsive sites in just few clicks of a button. If you want to design a site that works through rows and columns, bootstrap is your cup of tea. To be more precise, the framework is very useful when you wish to hide content from the main screen. A simple class called “.visible” will control the visibility of screen objects.

Overcome the issues of Inconsistency

A major problem bootstrap solved from the beginning was “inconsistency”. Major inconsistencies that were identified between developers and designers were overcome by this framework. This is why the bootstrap became what it is today. The framework comprises of development code that can abridge the gap between end-users and front-end developers. Bootstrap focuses on delivering a uniform website in all platforms. Regardless of whether you open the site on IE or chrome, a smartphone or desktop computer, bootstrap will make sure a consistent layout is presented. Bootstrap is capable of adapting to platform changes swiftly. May it be CSS3 or HTML5; bootstrap will make sure your webpage is compatible across all browsers and devices. The framework also has standard plugins like respond.js and html5shiv! These plugins will help you port the site across older browsers.

Impressive Documentation

Another important benefit of bootstrap would be its impressive documentation. As you browse through the internet, you will come across plenty of demos and examples. This will save you from learning something new all the time. Everything you need to know about bootstrap is clearly documented, this is partly due to it being so popular but also because bootstrap is an open source framework that is modified and upgraded frequently! Hence, you don’t need to worry about license or purchase issues.

We build all of our modern WordPress themes using Bootstrap. We also use it when rewriting templates to become responsive. If you want to develop a responsive website you should get in touch.

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