Writing a Powerful Bio Page

Writing a Powerful Bio Page

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Every business website needs a bio page or about page. Plenty of visitors will head to this page immediately after landing on your website to find out more about the kind of business you are – and if your About page is weak, off-message or poorly worded, you might find these visitors leave your site and never return!

The importance of writing a powerful, meaningful About page can’t be overstated. Here are our top tips to creating the bio page your business needs.

Know your audience

As with any kind of online writing, you need to establish who you’re talking to before you start to write. If you can’t pinpoint that target audience, you won’t be able to tell them what they want to hear about your business. You should also ask yourself how you want your audience to feel after they’ve read your About page. Do you want to foster trust in the business? Are you trying to convey an image of innovation and ambition? Do you want to come across as friendly and informal, or as a professional, no-nonsense firm? Once you understand who your audience is and what you want to tell them, writing your About page will suddenly become much easier.

Give readers a sense of your values and ethos

Your About page isn’t a place for promoting products or making sales – it’s the one page on your site where you can give website visitors a sense of your business’ values. Do you prioritise innovation above all else? Are you passionate about training the next generation? Is sustainability your thing? Use your About page to tell audiences exactly what you and your business stand for.

Tell a story

If you ask for advice on creating better website content, you’ll always find this tip: make sure you tell the story. The bio page is the ideal place to tell the story of your business – how the idea was born, when the business was founded, what progress was subsequently made… all of this can be condensed into your About page with ease.

Put a face to your name

Many websites nowadays have a section where you can read a short biography of the main staff members, which is a great idea. Giving potential customers the ability to put a face to a name is a sure-fire way to create a sense of trustworthiness, and it’ll make your business appear much more human and relatable. Add a smiling headshot to your About page, or a picture of the entire team looking like they’re ready to help!

Know when to stop

Weaving an interesting story about the growth of your business is great – but not if it’s bordering on 2,500 words and the visitor has had to take a coffee break halfway through reading it! If you find that your About page is getting too lengthy, seek to cut it back. Emphasise the main points and only add something if you feel it’s going to benefit the reader or capture their interest even further.

Have these tips helped you write your About page?

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