Boost your website traffic

A great website design requires a lot of great content, but it also requires traffic! Driving visitors to your website can be difficult and time consuming. Here is a checklist of things you can do to boost your website traffic.

Colour Marketing

Colour marketing – Shopping is the art of persuasion, affected by visual cues and colour. What do the colours in your website say about your brand?

The Best Post Times on Social Media

The best post times to share your updates on social media should be considered to maximise your social media campaign. Ensure you get the most views and interaction by following this timing guide.

5 Minute LinkedIn Marketing Plan

Increase your LinkedIn connections with this 5 minute marketing plan. Grow your network, generate qualified leads and expand your social connectedness!

Twitter hashtag – Harness the Power!

The Twitter hashtag helps us to carry on conversations with a diverse audience. It’s an opportunity for you to send your message to millions of people across multiple platforms. Let’s take a look at the power of the hashtag!

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