Art of Kyoto

Art of Kyoto is an ecommerce art gallery, allowing the purchase of Japanese art using Woocommerce for WordPress. The website design is very minimal and clean. The client had a very clear idea on his branding and wanted to make sure that there was very little that would distract away from his art. As a result of this the website is image heavy, producing an ecommerce art gallery on the front page to make it easy for customers to find a piece of art that catches their eye. The dark background pushes the images to the forefront and makes every colour stand out, and eventuates the white font, making it easy to read.

In order to keep the development of the ecommerce art gallery low we provided the client with an excel spreadsheet populated with 2 example products. He then added all of this products to the product list, double checked it and added the image references. From there we made sure that all the images were the correct size, and referenced properly to the WordPress media library. As a result of this we were able to run a very smooth product import, populating his website with all 500 products in a matter of hours rather than weeks. We double checked each product to make sure that all the data was transferred fully and completed the rest of the project.

Woocommerce with WordPress is the ideal solution to produce an ecommerce art gallery because we have total control over the display of images, templates and functionality. Depending on the platform and client needs, ecommerce websites can be very expensive. This is normally because of 2 things, firstly complex shipping options, and secondly lots of products with complex variations. However, with good planning and pre thought it is possible to make online shops for less. Having a digital product list to work from can greatly speed up setting up products and make the whole build faster.

Website Design Features

  • Bespoke web design
  • WordPress blog setup and integration
  • URL rewriting for search engines
  • Graphic design and image optimisation
  • SSL encryption for secure shopping
  • Custom logo development
  • W3C Web standards compliant
  • Content management system
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • WooCommerce setup and development
  • Website responsiveness

Added by Coderra Ltd on June 5th, 2016