Nantwich News

The Nantwich News website is a complete revamp of the existing Nantwich web design using a theme. We also had to instigate a domain name change. The emphasis on this project was making sure that the SEO and all links in Google remained intact and redirected to the correct pages on the new site. We setup redirects and carefully changed the link structure to make sure that no SEO juice was lost. This is something that is often forgotten when redeveloping a website and it is really important to get right as failure to do so can result in a massive loss of traffic, whether redeveloping or creating a brand new site.

With the Nantwich web design we did custom work on the theme to integrate adverts in selected positions, both as static images and sliders. We made positions in the header and in different sections of the website allowing Nantwich News to sell their sponsored links more effectively. This web development meant that they could sell more adverts without the page appearing bogged down or messy, keeping it nice and clean for the readers.The WordPress theme chosen for the Nantwich web design was responsive but needed a little work and tidying up. Sections that were hidden when shrinking to mobile were moved so that they were always shown, and other sections were made clearer so they were easy to navigate through. We also tweaked the colours and sourced the right plugins for several of the new features on the website.

We believe that it is possible to make a very professional and functional website using a WordPress theme. But it’s very important that the right theme is chosen for the build. With the Nantwich web design the theme was already built around providing news driven or articles based website. For the most part that meant that there was little customisation to do to perfect the website, keeping the website development low cost which meant that we could spend more time making the extra changes and functionality.

Website Design Features

  • Content management system
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Website responsiveness
  • Social media sharing and compatibility
  • Custom plugin development
  • WordPress theme setup
  • Complete website revamp
  • WordPress blog setup and integration
  • URL rewriting for search engines
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JQuery and PHP

Added by Coderra Ltd on June 8th, 2016