Crewe & Nantwich Athletic Club Website

At Coderra, we love when we can use our skills and abilities to help local businesses and organisations. Recently, we were contacted by Crewe & Nantwich Athletic Club, which was seeking a revamp of its existing website – and we were only too happy to get involved.

Crewe and Nantwich Athletic Club is a cornerstone of the local community, and already has an established brand and image – so we were tasked with building a site which conformed to this existing brand. We adapted a theme to ensure that the club would have everything it needed on the site, with every page and section built around the brand they have carefully cultivated over many decades.

The old site which the athletic club was using was created with Joomla – but we suggested that they migrate to WordPress in order to make updating and managing the site much easier for everyone involved in the future. We converted the site and had to import the entire blog archive, as well as all images in all galleries. The site is now up and running with all of the content it boasted in its older format.

We also had to setup a dedicated members area in order to protect some of the images we were importing – this involved creating a password-protected gateway to ensure that only registered and verified users could access certain photos through the site.

Lastly, we wanted to ensure that the entire site was social media ready. The theme has a built-in Twitter feed within the footer, making it easy for visitors to check up on the latest social activity without navigating away from the site. This also gives Crewe & Nantwich Athletic Club an opportunity to add to its follower count and eventually use social media as another channel for communication and promotion within the local community and further afield – such is the beauty of social media!

Website Design Features

  • WordPress theme setup
  • Complete website revamp
  • WordPress blog setup and integration
  • URL rewriting for search engines
  • Graphic design and image optimisation
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Website responsiveness
  • Social media sharing and compatibility

Added by Coderra Ltd on August 1st, 2016