Julia Baird

This website was a CMS conversion from a page builder to WordPress. Julia was unable to administer the website in page builder effectively and found it restrictive. She also wanted to be able to run a blog without having to have 2 separate systems to manage. As a result of this we suggested a CMS conversion from page builder to WordPress. This system allows pages, blogs, and has a vast array of extensions and plugins.

Our client was happy with the design of her website but was looking for greater functionality. When migrating from the page builder we therefore kept the design nearly the same. There had to be a couple of changes to make the website fully responsive. We also felt that because Julia was running a blog and social media that we should feature it in the sidebar. Easy access to blog posts and social media is key to good user experience. Having Twitter prominent also helps with converting visitors to followers.

As part of the CMS conversion we helped to integrate a simple shopping cart. Since the products and prices never change we opted to use a simple Paypal checkout system. The online store is easy to navigate to from the menu and clear about what it is selling.

The design of this website as a while is very clean and simple. There is limited use of images aside from a universal banner. This helps with load speed, but also keeps the website uncluttered and easy to use. Overall a CMS conversion to WordPress can be really simple and easy to do. The main job is normally in migrating content. Each job must be addressed individually to ensure the best result and where possible modernised to make the website more functional. This is why when converting from page builder to WordPress we always recommend making the site responsive.

Website Design Features

  • Bespoke web design
  • WordPress theme setup
  • Complete website revamp
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JQuery and PHP
  • Graphic design and image optimisation
  • Content management system
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Website responsiveness

Added by Coderra Ltd on September 24th, 2015