Aim-OA.sys is a Vet web design built on WordPress CMS using the Appply theme. This website has been built to promote a new app for Veterinary practices. This app is used to manage arthritis in animals and to help improve the quality of life. The Vet web design is clean and has a clinical feel though the colour scheme and imagery. The layouts are consistent and the a slider has been integrated into the header to make the website more interesting.

This Vet web design is also used to sell online lectures. We integrated Woocommerce into the website and setup the calendar plugin so that the admin could allow users to book places. By using Woocommerce and the subscriptions plugin the admin is also able to sell app downloads and physical products. In the future this website will sell subscriptions to the app, but for now this is disabled while the development and promotion is completed.

As well as integrating a shipping cart this website has a login area in the Vet web design where the admin is able to share exercises with users. When a person visits the vet with their pet they are given a set of exercises to follow and a login. They are then able to view the exercises at home and care for their pet with references.

The Vet web design is responsive to mobiles and ipads. While the theme was already responsive there were elements of the theme that needed tweaking for better display. We also had to make sure that Woocommerce, the slider and the logo carousel were integrated responsively. With mobile having now taken over desktop in surfing the web it is really important to offer a good experience. WordPress themes are a good low cost solution for web design. While they may need a little work to customise for a particular business, they can look really professional.


Website Design Features

  • WordPress theme setup
  • Complete website revamp
  • WordPress blog setup and integration
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JQuery and PHP
  • Content management system
  • URL rewriting for search engines
  • WooCommerce setup and development
  • SSL encryption for secure shopping
  • Website responsiveness
  • Social media sharing and compatibility

Added by Coderra Ltd on September 23rd, 2015