Lost and Found

This is a collection of 3 directory websites focused on different continents, each with the exact same look. The graphic design was done by the client’s designer and we coded it for them.They were part of a bigger project to promote an ecommerce website we had built for them.

The directory sites contained a simple blog, information about how to find lost items, and then landing pages for directory businesses with their contact details. Below this there was further information about how to find lost items, and then a link to their ecommerce service which was geared around reuniting lost items with their owner.

The goal of the websites was to appear in search engines for prospects when they were looking for who to contact if they had lost their property as a specific location. Users would then be funnelled to their website and convert to customers.

Once we coded the websites for them we had to prepare away for them to contain millions of landing pages each with unique content for search engines. We created a custom post type to hold the landing pages, keeping the information held in them to a minimum. This was generally the company name, contact details, email and business category. The main content was then pulled from a single settings page interspersed with shortcodes to pull in the company details. By doing this each post was kept small and enabled fast load times from the database. It also meant we were able to easily import their database of companies with minimal effort. As a result the three websites collectively held over 20 million companies – more than any WordPress website we’ve ever dealt with!

Website Design Features

  • Bespoke web design
  • WordPress blog setup and integration
  • URL rewriting for search engines
  • SEO and keyword analysis
  • HTML, CSS, JQuery and PHP
  • CSS3 animations and transitions
  • Content management system
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • SSL encryption for secure shopping
  • Website responsiveness
  • Social media sharing and compatibility
  • Custom plugin development

Added by Coderra Ltd on January 20th, 2018