Avenue Marketing Centre

The Avenue Marketing Centre is a brochure website focused on selling their digital services. We used a WordPress theme that they had chosen, and used their content to frame the layouts.

The demo data for this theme didn’t work well so we rebuilt the layouts using the content editor and saved them as templates that the admin could clone on to new pages. We adapted the theme to use their images, colours and logos. We also chose stock images that matched the sections of the website.

This was a low budget built and didn’t take very long to build. As with all of our websites, it’s fully responsive to tablets and mobiles.

Website Design Features

  • WordPress theme setup
  • Complete website revamp
  • Content management system
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • CSS3 animations and transitions
  • WooCommerce setup and development
  • SSL encryption for secure shopping
  • Website responsiveness

Added by Coderra Ltd on May 20th, 2017