Woocommerce Guest to Customer Account

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WooCommerce Guest to Customer Account

Sometimes a customer may not create an account on your Woocommerce shop when checking out. So what happens when they return and try to login? They have no account, even though they have past orders. With the Woocommerce Guest to Customer Account plugin we change that.

When this plugin is active, if a guest customer returns to your shop and tries to login, and they have a guest order in the system it will automatically:

  • Create a full customer account for them.
  • Link up all their contact, billing and shipping information.
  • Link all of their past guest orders to their account.
  • Prompt them to change their password to login.

When the user has changed their password they will login as a normal customer with access to all their past orders, and easily shop with you without filling in any of their details again!

  • No recurring payments
  • Free updates


All you have to do is upload and activate the plugin. Upon activation the order again functionality is immediately added and made available to your customers. You upload a plugin by logging in to the dashboard, clicking plugins, then add new.

No, the creation and linking process happens immediately behind the scenes. All they will see is a notice requiring them to change their password to login.

Forcing a password reset is the best way to make sure that the user attempting to login is legitimate. They must have access to the email address used in the guest order to change the password so this ensures that it is the right person logging in.

After the account has been created by this plugin, it functions as normal. The guest is a full customer and can login / out and make repeat purchases with no issues.

No. Please purchase one plugin per website you intend to use it on. The cost of the plugin is a one off fee with perpetual updates included – just like a free plugin.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about this plugin that are not covered in the above FAQ and description, or if you require customisations to the plugin, please feel free to get in touch.

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